Saturday, April 26, 2008


The following was published by me on 4th February, 2008. The recent news is that Guarang Jani, the accused and the owner of Hotel Shakun has surrendered to the police.
The question a common man wants to ask is "Was he spared for these many days to prepare safe grounds and then to surrender".
Time and the final punishment or the absence of it will prove the truth.
Hotel Shakun, Just opposit Kalupur station - that is Ahmedabad junction, crumbles down like a pack of cards, without a quake on the earth. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has declared the building as unfit for human occupation. The branch of a nationalized bank shifted it's premises 4-5 days ago, sensing the danger on cards. The owner of the hotel Gaurang Jani knew it all. But yet his greed for money killed a few and injured several. As on today I see that the real truth is yet to be revealed. From the Information I have 5 from Tamilnadu had died in the accident. 4 textile businessmen who have come to Ahmedabad for some machinery purchase and one sales employee of a private company.
Pradeep Modi and his wife Mayuri came from Vadodara to buy a house and settle down in Ahmedabad. Pradeep died on the way to the hospital and his wife Mayuri is alive with spinal injuries. Just Imagine, Modi's parents donated his eyes to Sharadaben Hospital before taking body back home. They performed a commendable deed. They too live on the same earth where the greedy Gaurang Jani lives. Jani must feel ashamed and his own family must excommunicate him.
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The following was published by me on 9th March, 2008. Latest update is that, the victims, particularly the main victim, who was repeatedly raped by her teacher at DIET - Patan, Gujarat, is determined to go back to the same college and take her final examinations at this examination center. Kudos to the young and determined lady.
All the culprits have cracked and have as of now confessed to the crimes. And they are as per news paper reports in Ahmedabad, getting 'nice treatment' by the co-jailmates at Sabarmati jail.
The main player in these sex games, Manish Parmar, is yet to crack and confess to the crimes. But the good news is that they are not getting bailed out, and some senior and big advocates, thanks to them, have refused to represent their case.
Let us have 'Chai' means "give me a kiss". Let us have 'coffee' means "give me kiss on the lips". 'OK' means "One Kiss". 'Let us have bhojan' means, "come and sleep with me". These are the words that the rapists teahers at Patan 'Teachers' training college' used to molest the girl students. What should be the level of punishment to these unscrupulous devils in the human form? A big punch on the nose for chai. Double punch in the abdomen for coffee. For bhojan their private parts must be safely detached and thrown into the ocean. Bhojan for big fishes.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


पयन थूक्कार सेइद उदवी नयन थूक्किन
नन्मै कडलिर पेरिदु - तिरुक्कुरल १०३
Payan thookkar seida udavi nayan thookkin
nanmai kadalir peridu - Tirukkural 103
The value of help rendered by one who has not counted the cost, or the likely recompense, when assessed, is greater in magnitude than the oceans.

Karnavati express from Mumbai to Ahmedabad just stopped at Vadodara station. Jignesh and Payal were in A/C chair car with their 4 year old daughter Shital sitting next to them.

A porter entered the coach and lifted the luggage from the luggage carrier. The moment Payal saw him, she got up from her seat, lifter her child on her hands and moved towards the porter.

“Rameshbhai, kem cho? See this is my daughter”. Immediately the porter, Rameshbhai said “sister, I will come back within five minutes”. When he went back Payal came back to her seat. But Jignesh was looking serious and angry.

“What was the need to go to a porter and call him bhai and talk so closely”.

Payal started saying “you know dear, it took ten years of our married life to have this little girl. You know what was our position when she was born. We had just moved out to Mumbai and with great difficulty eking out our life”.

She was in her advanced stage of pregnancy. She and her mother were traveling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad by a non A/C coach. She was expected to deliver in another 3 days. The time was about four in the morning. And she developed severe pain. And the train touched Vadodara station.

The mother and daughter thought that it was better to get down. And Rameshbhai was the first to help. His hut was just on the other side of the railway track. He took them carefully there and the child was delivered in his hut.

By the time Payal reminded Jignesh about this incident, he was feeling quite uncomfortable. He said “We cannot always think about the past and such petty things. Forget it. I told you right from the beginning that we shall go by flight. Because of you, I had to travel by this bloody train”.

By then Rameshbhai came inside and close to their seats. Jignesh took ten rupees from his purse and handed over to Rameshbhai. He hesitated to take the money. Jignesh pressed it into his hand.

He immediately left saying “I will be back in a minute”.
Soon he came back with a biscuit pocket, costing fourteen rupees, gave it to Shital and said “your mama never got anything for you in the last four years”.

By then the train was about to leave, he said “goodbye” and got down. Payal felt “Never in my life, I will forget him. What he did for me is worth more than all the oceans put together”.

Jignesh took the biscuit pocket from his daughter and was keenly looking at the brand and manufacturing date. But he could find no problem.

Friday, April 11, 2008



ईनॄ पोज़्हुदे पेरीदुवक्कुम तन महनै

सान्द्रोन एनक्केट्ट थाय - तिरुक्कुरल ६९

पुत्र जन्म के समय माँ को कितना आनंद मिला था, अपने पुत्र को सुयोग्य सुनकर वह उससे कई गुना अधिक आनंद पाती है।

“Great is the joy of the mother when a child is born unto her. But far greater is her delight when she hears that he is a wise man”.

That morning I got up early, though it was a holiday. I took a shave and was getting ready to move out.

My wife moved around on her bed and questioned “Why so early darling? Are you expecting your college days’ girl friend?”

“Ya! My girl friend older to me by ten years and the mother of a young man is arriving today”. I said this moving around and whistling.

“Sorry dear! I really forgot”. She jumped out of her bed and went into the kitchen straight to make a cup of coffee for me.

I called up the airport again and checked the flight arrival time. My special guest was flying to Ahmedabad from Coimbatore by a premium private airline seated in club class.

I had introduced this special guest to my wife immediately after marriage and on returning to my village, about 45 km. away from Coimbatore. She remembers that day even now, though ten years have lapsed from then. She is a very special guest for several reasons.

She is very special because, till the age of 35 she could not read or right any language. She is very special because her son, is an Engineer from a premium college for technical education, and is getting his post graduation in management from the no.1 business school in India with honors. On the basis of his consistently high score only. No caste based reservation.

She is very special because, she lost her husband in an accident when her son was just 5 years old. She was left with nothing, not even a formal education. She had only one big possession with her - an innocent blemish less young boy.

Saroja didi is very special to me because, she was a maidservant in our house. Her son Ravi used to study sitting in our verandah. Even when I was in my college education, and later in a job, my mother will show Ravi’s progress report to me and recall the poor marks I used to get. Poor when compared to Ravi’s.

She was one of the earliest to exit from the airport. She spotted me quickly and shouted “suresu”. As I ran towards her she almost hugged me and said, “You have become very thin and dark, you are not taking care of yourself. Next one week I will cook for you and make you fat”.

As she sat in the car next to me, she opened her bag and took out some sweet box and said “see I have brought your favorite Mysore Pak from Grand sweets”. She took a piece and put it in my mouth. My eyes were filled with little tears.

After my mother, the only other person, who gives me the same mother’s affection, is my dear Saroja didi.

Next day, we were in the management school, for award function and later the convocation. When Ravi, got his best outgoing student award , he told the felicitator to hold, excused himself, came down from the stage and took his mother on to the stage with him.

Saroja didi’s eyes were filled with tears. She felt happier than at the moments she delivered him.