Saturday, April 26, 2008


The following was published by me on 4th February, 2008. The recent news is that Guarang Jani, the accused and the owner of Hotel Shakun has surrendered to the police.
The question a common man wants to ask is "Was he spared for these many days to prepare safe grounds and then to surrender".
Time and the final punishment or the absence of it will prove the truth.
Hotel Shakun, Just opposit Kalupur station - that is Ahmedabad junction, crumbles down like a pack of cards, without a quake on the earth. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has declared the building as unfit for human occupation. The branch of a nationalized bank shifted it's premises 4-5 days ago, sensing the danger on cards. The owner of the hotel Gaurang Jani knew it all. But yet his greed for money killed a few and injured several. As on today I see that the real truth is yet to be revealed. From the Information I have 5 from Tamilnadu had died in the accident. 4 textile businessmen who have come to Ahmedabad for some machinery purchase and one sales employee of a private company.
Pradeep Modi and his wife Mayuri came from Vadodara to buy a house and settle down in Ahmedabad. Pradeep died on the way to the hospital and his wife Mayuri is alive with spinal injuries. Just Imagine, Modi's parents donated his eyes to Sharadaben Hospital before taking body back home. They performed a commendable deed. They too live on the same earth where the greedy Gaurang Jani lives. Jani must feel ashamed and his own family must excommunicate him.
If anyone has more information please share it on the comments page.

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