Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Live Narendra Modi

Shri.Narendra Modi is the first Chief Minister in India to present himself for SIT investigation. Not just that he was present. He put himself through the ordeal of getting questioned over several hours, from noon to almost midnight. He is a Chief Minister Par excellence. And as a Gujarat Tamil I salute him.

Remember readers, he was not grilled for corruption. He was grilled for an instantaneous people upheaval [A state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)], towards the wrongs meted out to them over generations. Congress has no moral backing to ridicule him.

In 1984, when Indra Gandhi was assassinated, by the people she nurtured and grew, the congressmen unleashed atrocities on our beloved sikh brothers and sisters, Sajjan Kumar, a congress MP was accused for the attacks. He took anticipatory bail. He was declared absconding. 16 years on and nothing has happened. Want to know more, go to Delhi and other Sikh dominated regions in the country and listen to their sorrowful stories. You will know what the congressmen did to the men who form the core of our defense forces. Listen to the sorrowful stories of the Sikh women, who have given birth to those courageous, selfless warriors defending our country.

Amongst those who read this article, those who have not shed their tears for the Sikh men and women who have laid their lives unjustly, later shedding tears for their Muslim brethren in Gujarat are the pseudo secularists. And these are the people, who are responsible for nurturing the non patriotic Indian Citizens.

Narendra Modi is simply great. He is a man of action. He is a Patriot. Neither he has made the state politics a family business like Karunanidhi of Tamilnadu, or he has performed the shameless acts of wearing currency notes and building monuments for self like Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh. He is certainly a Chief Minister par excellence. He breaths Gujarat development . He speaks Gujarat development. He acts in the interest of Gujarat. He considers each one living in Gujarat a Gujarati. Whatever the language one speaks. Whatever the caste, creed or community he belongs to.

We are happy that we do not live in the states of Karunanidhis, Mayawatis, and Shibu Sorens. We are Proud that we live in the state headed by Shri.Narendra Modi.

Long Live Modi! Long Live Gujarat! Long Live Gujaratis!

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