Sunday, March 23, 2008


तक्कार तहविलार एंबदु अवरवर
एचात्तार काणप्पडुम
तिरुक्कुरल ११४
The righteous and the unrighteous are known by what they leave behind.
“Why are you both shouting so much at him?” Thyagarajan asked his son and daughter in law.

While his son Pradip tried to say something, Pradip’s wife Priya interrupted and said “It is all because of you pampering him all the time uncle! You see how much marks your intelligent grandson has scored in his 10th prelim exams. Shameful! I will not be able to go to the school and face anyone. Neither the teachers, nor the parents of the other children”.

Thyagarajan was still supporting his grandson. He said “The syllabus has become more tough”.

Pradip looked at his father from the corner of his eyes and gave a sarcastic smile.

To add to that Priya said “when I meet other parents, they do not forget to mention that my father-in-law was once upon a time the Principal of a big and famous school”.

Yes! Thyagarajan cannot do what he has done in his times as the Principal. He used to bend rules to favor the rich and the close ones in the society. Now he can do nothing. Neither his children excelled in studies nor in their life. It appears not even the grand children will make any change. It has taken two generations for him to reap the fruits of the seeds he had sown.

The grandson looked innocently at his grandfather and asked “Can you come and write exams for my sake Thatha?

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