Sunday, March 16, 2008


The names have been published in big letters in Ahmedabad. Students' names, even before the exams got over. I was excited to see the names and the photographs of these famous students, as I thought. I read further and I realized that these students, Harsh Kotak and Komal Patel were caught cheating in the examination halls. They duped of fracture, both incidentally on right hands, both from the same school, both got the same centre for their examination and both are the children of big builders in Ahmedabad. Both got the same class room for examination. Both got their ghost writers from a single school as per the instruction of that school managing trustee. Both were caught on the same day.
Some times back in my column I wrote how the common man is becoming a criminal. Everyday such instances prove the point.
In our childhood days, if we do anything not as per the norms, friends and other children will say, "puppy, puppy shame shame" . Now the order is changed. The old ones corrupt the young. From "puppy, puppy, shame, shame" to "Mummy, Pappa, shame, shame" or "Pappa, mummy, shame, shame".
The human being needs only one quality to do anything and everything against the family, social and religious norms and the rules of the land. He must become shameless. As a community, in India, we are becoming more and more shameless.

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