Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jallikkattu banned

Pongal is very close. it is time for celebration. it is time for pattimandram and jallikkattu. but this year we will have no jallikkatu. the supreme court has ruled against it. everyone has a different view on this. this was quoted as a 400 year old sport and the judges ridiculed it by saying we now live in a civilized society.

if jallikkattu is banned in tamilnadu, i feel kite festival also must be banned. particularly in gujarat. birds die in hundreds. two wheelers on the road get hurt in 100s. children fall from balconies and roof tops - die and fracture their bones. in comparison to jallikkattu, kite flying causes more harm to birds and the humans. join me in raising the voice.

the whole idea is to provoke the thoughts. get activated. with regards - tamizhanban

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Jallikattu said...

Jallikattu – The fight is now outside the ring

Pongal, the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu is also the time for Jallikattu - the traditional bull fight that takes place in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjore. Of these the spectacle at Alanganallur, near Madurai, is the most talked about simply because it is the most ferocious.

Somehow, there's so much raw energy in the air at the time of Jallikattu. Even a casual visitor can feel the vibes and horror. Whole villages come to a stand-still at the time of this traditional bull fight. It is considered 'veera velayattu', the game of the brave and indeed the game does take immense bravery - to tame a wild bull called the 'Jallikatu Kalai'.

The game involves taming the bull, by locking its horns and getting it to stand still for a short while. The person, who does so, gets the purse or whatever gift the brave one is destined to receive.

Today, there is a huge hue and cry to ban this traditional sport that animal rights activists have branded a vile blood sport. True, not only do the bulls that enter the Jallikattu ring suffer a blood bath, some of the participants, often little children do end up in hospital and often in the morgue. So they say there’s no reason why the sport should be banned forthwith.

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