Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aanandam - Thiruvizha TV Aanandam

Thiruvizha endrale Tamizh Nattil Anandamum kondattamum thaan. Whether it is Deepavali festival or Pongal festival, Independence day or Republic Day we will have a wonderful day watching the TV from six in the morning to eleven at night.
Whether Sun TV or Jaya TV or the TV shows in Tamil which I have never seen, throughout the day we will be enthralled and delighted by interviews with Cheran to Senguttuvan, Bharathi Raaja, Bagyaraja, Ilaya Raja and so many known and unknown Rajaas till we become imagination poppers.
Right in the morning before we look at the faces of our beutiful wives and loving children, we will have the pleasure listening to Namita, from Surat in Gujarat speaking in broken Tamil. What a pleasure, what a way to celebrate our festivals.
Once we are tired of seeing, because it is only seeing, not hearing, Asin, to Nayan Dhara, Jotika, Trisha and Sneha in between in advertisements, to Shreya to ............. a long list of naval showing beuties, Pappayya sir will be getting ready for his Patti Mandram.
After this we will also have the pleasure of seeing the same Vijay or Vijay Kanth or Rajni Kanth Movie for the 5th, or 6th or 16th time. Vaazhga Tamizh Kulam, Valarga namadu Kalacharam.

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Anonymous said...

Cool sir way to go.