Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Every patriotic Indian must strongly condemn the sexploits, the atrocities, the so called teachers have committed on their humble girl students at DIET, Patan. But, stop!, the society at large also needs a very strong condemnation. We the educated and the illiterates all have become so insensitive and inhuman, that nothing really matters. What matters most is our business of making money and enjoying the comforts of life. It could be our own daughters tomorrow. It appears, even then we will not bother and we will just carry on. In the name of patience, we are becoming more and more tolerant to atrocities. All these begin as small and simple crimes in our every day life. Our tolerance is already leading us to the slow and steady destruction of our heritage and culture. Some day we will all be dead leaving behing a life time of shame and criminality.

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