Sunday, February 3, 2008


What really worries me about all these stories of kidneys racket is not that such people like Amit, (I would not like to say Doctor Amit) or Santosh Raut or whatever his real name is, exist. But the fact that such people can carry on for so long without getting caught. For tens of years even after criminal cases have been made against them and judment or punishment is pending against them. What does it speak about our systems - particularly the police and then the judiciary. Are they really doing what they are expected to do and do on time.

I read a news item in one of the Tamil Newspapers that Chota Shakeel knew about Sanjay's kidney games and has demanded 25 crores, in order to not inform the police. But our police force did not know anything about this. They thought he was an industrialist. Does it not sound like a child's story?

We as law abiding, true citizens of our motherland, need to wake up to such issues. This can be done by developing a high level of sensitivity to our surroundings, expanding this to our town or city, forming citizens' forums and pulling up the departments responsible. We, the true patriotic citizens of the country need to respond.

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