Saturday, May 10, 2008

திருக்குறள் ஸ்டோரி 5

மனைத்தக்க மாண்புடையள் ஆகித் தற்கொண்டான்
வளத்தக்காள் வாழ்க்கைத் துணை - திருக்குறள் ௫௧

A woman, who maintains her family status and manages her household,
Well within her husband’s resources, is an ideal wife--Sincere thanks to Dr.S.M.Diaz IPS, PhD

Anand came out from his house and was trying to start the scooter. It was not getting started. He checked the petrol tank. There was little petrol. He removed the spark plug, cleaned it and put it again. Yet the scooter did not start. Suddenly he remembered the good old days.

“Janaki! Where are you? Why are you taking so much time to get ready?”, shouted Anand at his wife.

Janaki takes a lot of time to dress up and get ready, whenever he plans to go out anywhere with her.

Today, right in the afternoon Anand called up Janaki from his office and told her to be ready at seven in the evening. That being a Saturday he wanted to visit the Balaji temple on SG Highway.

As Anand was not getting any response from Janaki, and it was really getting late, he said again “Janaki… we are only going to the temple. Not for a party”.

Still there was no response. And finally she came out of her dressing space fifteen minutes later.

As Anand looked at her, he was stunned. He said with a smile “I think you will have more ornaments than Lord Balaji”.

That Janaki used to say is her small weakness. Any good thing, she sees with any-one-else in the kitty party or elsewhere, she must go to the market and buy it immediately. It may be a sari, watch, jewelry or anything else. Anything good with others, if she does not have it, she must have it immediately. For the same she had not even hesitated to travel to Baroda or even Mumbai at times from Ahmedabad.

Their children were also growing the same way. Both the sun and the daughter. They will not buy anything economical. Whatever they wear, must be the costliest and the latest amongst what their classmates wear.

Anand is more of an introvert. He never shares his problems with anyone. Neither he had any close friend. He kept on providing finance for their excessive expenses without complaint. Even neighbors were wondering, where do so much money from.

“Anand! I want you to check this expense statement of our Senior Manager. There seems to be some discrepancy”,, said his boss and the Head of the department.

He checked it thoroughly, signed across and passed it for payment. He thought his company has too strict systems, created by people who have been working for long with he company. He also felt such a vigil is unnecessary. It amounts to suspecting their staff.

And at that hour, his personal file was on the table of the head of vigilance department. Random checks showed that there were quite a few discrepancies in his records of money management. There were purchase indents passed for stocks much above the requirement. They were purchased at much higher prices than at prices they were purchased in the past. There was a confidential enquiry going on.

When he was finally removed from his position and the company, he had credit card dues of twelve lakh rupees pending for payment. And no job at his reach. They say in small places, words spread faster.

He cursed his fate, tilted the scooter to his side and kicked the starter again. It started releasing lot of smoke in the air.

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