Sunday, June 22, 2008


Bijal Joshi at Ahmedabad was an outgoing and an emotional young lady. She fell in love with Sajal Jain a rich man's son. Probably she did not know that he was already married. On the eve of new year four years ago, she met him in a hotel. Subsequently, she was given some drinks and raped by Sajal and five of his relative/friends as reported. Early morning the next day her sister Vaishali was told to pick up her sister in a naked state lying in a car. Few days later Bijal committed suicide and her sister Vaishali went fighting the case. Some time later, their pious father died at a pilgrim town called Ambaji.
Vaishali was lured with money, threatened. She did not succumb. She had to go through all the difficulties. She kept fighting for the last four years and now the culprits have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Justice served.
Is it a matter of joy? How can anything be so happy after loosing the loving sister, after loosing the father so early, going through all the trauma and wrong accusations by the family members and others. What a hell the parents, sister, brother and the loved ones must have gone through? Is it worth all that they have gone through. Call it destiny! There is a lesson for all girls from middle class families.
Today, most young ladies of middle class families are lured by the various luxuries of life. I am not saying "do not desire". I say "do desire, build up goals, persist and work towards them, do not adopt short cuts to achieve what you want to get in life. Today the men and women of the middle class have much scope and they possess much potential to perform, succeed and grow. There is no need for short cuts. One short cut is getting lured by the children of some of the unscrupulous rich"
Beware my dear young ladies of middle class families, work hard and sure you will progress and enjoy all the luxuries of life which will be your own.

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