Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ramesh was turning the news paper, outstretched on his easy chair. His wife Shanti was walking up and down murmering something to herself.
Ramesh stopped her and said "What happened to you right in the morning. Is everything OK with you ?".
Without answering she kept pacing the verandah. Ramesh raised his voice a little and said "tell me, how can I help you if you have any problem?".
Shanti said "I am alright. But what is happening to your friend, Sooraj is not alright. Do you remember that till five, six years ago you used to help him in several ways. Twice you got him a job. Several times you have lent him money. Suddenly he started some business and within the last three years he has bought so many things. Did you see the new Honda city car parked outside his house".
Ramesh said "Yes! I saw it, but what is the matter".
"Let me tell you. I think things are not going the right way. How can he make so much money to own a Honda car and is just buying a bungalow in Bopal. All these is not possible if he is doing the right things". said Shanti.
Ramesh wanted to be sure. He said "I appreciate your concern for my friend. But why do you doubt him".
"I have no concern. My point is different. You are working so hard. And we have not been able to go beyond a flat and an Alto car. How can he earn so much money in such a short time"- Shanti spoke her mind.
Just then there was a knock at the door. When the door opened, there stood, Sooraj and his wife Vimala. They came inside, wished them both and handed over a car key to Ramesh and said "Anna, Anni (bhaiya & babhi), without your support, I could not have grown the way I had in the last 5 years. I did not want to drive my new car first. S0 I told the mechanic to leave it here. Anna, We want you both to drive the car first. That is the way we want you both to bless us".
After 10 minutes they all went toghether, chatted a lot and came back. When they did, Ramesh remembered the followind Tirukkural:
ஒழுக்காறாக் கொள்க ஒருவன்தன் நெஞ்சத்து
அழுக்காறு இலாத இயல்பு - திருக்குறள் ௧௬௧
ईर्ष्या पूर्ण विचारों से स्वयं को बचाओ
ईर्ष्या से मुक्ति सधाचार का सत्पथ है। तिरुक्कुरल १६१

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