Sunday, June 1, 2008


The primary victim of Patan DIET, who was physically and mentally assaulted by the so called teachers, is becoming bolder and stronger. In the statements she has given, she has penned down clearly how these men who were dictated to be the servants of Saraswati, molested Saraswati's own child. I do not want to rewrite the words she has written to the former principal, K.T.Porania. But those words clearly spell what kind of truama this young girl from a modest background has gone through.
The law of nature is with you, the law of the land is with you. I wish you are blessed with more courage and determination to succeed in life in every way.
The culprits as I read in the newspapers are getting treatment that they deserve in the hands of the other jail inmates. Through their lawyers they have requested for their transfer from Patan subjail to any other jail. Great! What Porania and Chaudhary must have done to these so called professors, the convicts in the jail are doing to them. Can we say that these convicts in those jails have conscience which these educated men do not have.
These DIET Patan culprits are made to clean the toilet regularly. They are made to sleep near the toilets and so on as per the newspaper reports. Well done the co-inmates in the jail. Keep it up.

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