Monday, January 26, 2009


The cat is out of the bag after years of corporate corruption, where the educated and highly educated colluded together to cheat millions and the country. There are many checks and balance in our constitution. But all went awry. An ordinary law abiding Indian like me finds it difficult to understand the battle of words of various constitutional, legal, and other authorities, who cry foul after failing to do what they were supposed to do on a regular basis. This really casts a shadow on everyone's words.
Openly saying, for an ordinaly person like me, it is difficult to trust the words of these high profile people, linked to corporate governance, economic, and stock centers, because, there remains a question at the end of their long speeches is "What were these people doing, when all these were happening for about say, 7 -10 years?" Could they not sense anything going wrong? If so, do they deserve the position they occupy? All these people's reactions are fine, is there nothing like being proactive?
When all these were happening they were decorating these corporate rogues with awards and recognition. Are we Indians in general negligent, irrespective our positions and the responsibilities that go with those positions? That means, we keep our eyes closed, when things appear to be going well, and sail along with them happily, may be not take part in those crimes. But doing this itself is a great crime towards the country and it's people. An act of negligence and cowardice.
Yes! We are cowards and hence negligent. This itself is a punishable crime.

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