Monday, January 26, 2009


Satyam, Maytas, the reverse of Satyam, not in letters, but in it's true spirit lead to the exposure of corporate corruption and collusion of many educated individuals in committing the crime. The investigations have begun. The truth may really come out. The true criminals may be truly punished. With due respects to our judicial system, and the governing bodies to ensure justice, all the guilty may be punished, some may escape the noose and restart their nefarious activities once again.
At this time it is necessary to scrutinize any doubtful information with regards to every big corporate house, so that we do not see one more Satyam in future. Besides, it is very important to upgrade the corporate vigilance, so that many more Satyams, do not quickly learn the mistakes of Satyam, and correct them, means adjust their books, in their own companies, so that they can escape punishment. This is a serious issue. As a law abiding Indian and an observer, I feel strongly that there are many more "Satyams", in fact 'Asatyams' in India. It is only a matter of time and their destiny.

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