Sunday, May 24, 2009


Dr.Singh is the king. I said people in India have reflected their trust in this educated, knowledgeable, and a decent gentleman. The other good news is that likes of behanji, that is Mayawati, Ram Vilas Paswan, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lallu Prasad yadav, and A.R.Antulay have been humbled. Lallu's one seat loss and the party's loss will only be a bad news for some IIM-ites from Ahmedabad, who hailed him as a hero sometime back.

This is only a beginning. Likes of Karunanidhi have started their pressurisation for plum post for their party men. In India we all by now know - what a plum post means in ministry or the bureaucracy. In the case of Karunanidhi, not just party members. Son and daughter of different wives. He has to make a balance between both his living wives, and their children. The grand nephew probably comes in the third place. Dr.Singh as of now nailed the controversy with a bold statement "I have to run a government and I also have to worry about its effectiveness"

Hold for a moment. The fate of India will be decided to some measure by the decision of a politician as to how he wants to balance between his two wives. True democracy. Of course this is a small or a big price we have to pay for being a democratic country.

Dr.Singh - Play it cool! Play it tough! Do not take into your ministry the criminals that you know.


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