Sunday, May 24, 2009


I believe, Singh, Manmohan Singh is the king and the victory is a reflection of the common man's trust in him. Educated, and decent, the people have declared that he must continue as the Prime Minister. Congratulations Dr..Singh the King!
Coming to the atrocities committed on Sardarjis - post Indira Gandhi assasination, I strongly believe that the truth has never come out. The people, the so called leaders who are scot free and aging must be brought to the book and justice served. For taking a firm decision Dr.Singh must forget for a while that he is a congressman and think as a member of the Sikh community. The community that was created and serves as the gaurdians of our great India. Booking the crimanals and serving justice is the most humble way of passing our gratitude to the nation's heroic community, and the protectors of our nation.
Will Dr.Singh do that? contd............

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