Saturday, August 9, 2008


Olympics has just begun in China! It was a great event 08:08:08 0n 08:08:’08. 91,000 people, in Beijing and over one billion on television, witnessed the three and a half hour show. This Olympics is expected to be the best Olympics run anywhere in the world at any time.

On the first day, in the qualifying rounds two of our participants failed to clear. Despite the fact that Ms.Sonia was present to cheer the Indian contingent.

At the end of the Olympic games, China will emerge victorious and triumphant. Not only it would have concluded the best organized Olympic games so far, but also would have bagged many golds, silvers, and bronzes. Most of our people will return empty handed. Not their fault at all. We must keep our hopes pinned, overall, to one or two medals.

All these will have no impact on our politicians, no impact on our educationists, no impact on the intellectuals, no impact on the common man.

We will go on to continue our rat race to eat our cakes. However at the end of winning or loosing, we will remain rats.

However to maintain some decorum, in between we will raise some slogans such as “Bharat desh hamara”, “Unity in Diversity”, “Bharat Mata ki Jay” etc., etc.,

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