Friday, February 13, 2009


When we read about the exploits of Ramalingam Raju, one day after another, it is becoming more and more clear that it was not a matter of negligence, ignorance or an individual becoming foolishly enthusiastic. He had a great ambition. He was keen on building it brick by brick. The timing was right and he was exceedingly successful.

Later, despite achieving success beyond his own imagination, he moved from the threshold of ambitions to get into the clutches of greed. He gave way to impulses driven by temptations. He did sow the seeds. Reaping the fruits now, in the four walls of the prison. He may get suitably punished. Will he be a changed person when he comes out of the prison premises? I doubt!

He will get more hardened. He will try to correct the wrongs he did in his wrongdoings, which landed him in the prison. In the prisons he will realize that what he did in a legal entrepreneurial environment is wrong. The only big business is politics, where he can do the same things again and go unscathed. Therefore he may choose to enter into politics, the safest asylum for people of similar characters.

One need not be surprised if one or more political parties are already negotiating with him, for his safe return to home. And at the end he may completely integrate himself and his hidden wealth with a political party. It is not an assumption or a prediction. It is a simple thought about the character of the Indian Political Leaders and corporate thugs.

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