Sunday, February 1, 2009


The Raju brothers are under judicial custody. At the end they may get punished suitably, if their criminality is proved in the courts of law. But how about those, who in fact, must have gone with him in his nefarious activities, and benefited immensely. Those in various government agencies and otherwise, who must have manipulated records to help them in their illegitimate activities. One such example has already come in the open. That is the news item about the IT officials keeping their eyes closed and allowing him to make a simple exit by paying the tax for billions of unaccounted money kept in fixed deposit accounts.

Does our constitution provide enough scope to catch all the culprits and punish them? Does our judicial system has enough tools to supervise the legal system and definitely punish the guilty suitably? Does our police machinery have the system, machinery, tools and most importantly the willingness to catch all the guilty and obtain all the resources to fight the case to finish in the courts of law?

It is difficult to give an answer in the affirmative. Therefore, it is time to rewrite the constitution, it is time to update the judicial system and processes, not just air conditioning the court premises and computerizing the records, and it is time the right people are recruited in police following stringent selection procedures, paying them in line with the responsibility and accountability they must have. All these require a government represented by people holding an impeccable character and a high stature. Can it happen in the next 50 years?

We can only say – it is too difficult to guess!

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