Sunday, July 13, 2008


As you turn the pages of post independent Indian history, you will find these three have always gone together. Politics and politicians is all about using the caste for acquiring wealth. Not just wealth. Wealth, a businessman, or an Industrialist will require years of intelligent, and hard labour to acquire. These politicians will get them all in a couple of years.
The people, who with great difficulty, make both the ends meet, will take time to squeeze themselves into big crowds around these political leaders to greet them, cheer them, and applaud them. Shameless the leaders, selfless the people. The game goes on. When they are caught, when their extended family members are caught with huge wealth, they will play the blame game politics.
All these are going on for over 60 years and the average Indian is like a pig keep slushing and enjoying itself in stagnant and dirty water, or a bufallow sitting in the middle of a busy road, absolutely unconcerned about what is happening around.
We are the most unpatriotic people in the world. Long live India, Long live Indians.

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