Sunday, July 20, 2008


A month ago there were lot of debates in political circles about the rising prices and the difficulties of the common man. A month after these debates, not only the prices of essential commodities have gone up, the values of Members of Parliament have sky rocketed. The convicted and the accused all are being brought out of their jails to make a party win or loose. The hell has really broken loose. Who cares about the rising prices?

The too big religions have come together. Hinduism and communism. The representatives of Hinduism, called the BJP and the representatives of another religion called communism, called the CPI and CPM have come together to topple the government. Real unity in diversity!

Do not be surprised, if Mayawati, becomes the Prime Minister and L.K.Advani, the Deputy Prime Minister and Karat or Yechuri the Finance Minister. May be by then Shibu Soren can join this group in the interest of Jharkhand. He or his son can be made the Defense Minister. As I imagine these probabilities, I am thrilled to guess the future fortunes of our great country called ‘INDIA’.

Long live the “Shameless politicians” and the “Selfless common man”

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