Thursday, July 3, 2008


Reservation in arts, commerce and science colleges. Is that enough? No not at all. The system must spread to professional courses and schools of excellence. The efforts continued in right earnest. Now there is caste based quota in IIMs and IITs. There is still something missing! How can teachers who themselves studied on merit quota teach students on reserved quota. The idea dawned and there came caste based reservation for Professors in IIT. Great!
As law abiding citizens and inspired Indians we must take a cue from these happenings and follow the same whole heartedly in our personal life too. That is the right way of living as an Indian. I have the following suggestions to make. More people must pour in more suggestions and wake up the merited Indians in deep slumber:
1. If in a year if we and our family members go to doctors/hospitals 10 times, atleaset 7 times we must choose Medical Graduates who got their seats on caste based quota system
2. When our children go to school, we must seek that 7 out of 10 teachers must be from the caste based quota system
3. We must also seek that 7 out of 10 invigilators and 7 out of 10 examiners must be from the caste based quota system
4. In our families 7 out of 10 members must marry girls or boys from the community eligible for reservation
5. When we attend birthday, and other parties we must make ourselves sure that 7 out of 10 times they are in the families of people eligible for caste based reservation
6. We can choose our friends at will, but 7 out of 10 must be from the families eligible for caste based reservation
7. In Indian Cricket Team, Hocky Team, and all other sports activities this reservation policy must be fully implemented
8. 7 out of 10 heroes and 7 out of 10 heroines must be strictly from reserved quota communities. Comedians may be exempted.
9. The above system must apply to lyricists, play back singers, music directors, cinematographers, directors etc., etc.,
10. We must insist that on the titles show these must be mentioned clearly, so that we can be sure when we view those movies.
Many more may be the readers can think of. Post them all and spreads the words of the century worldwide.

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