Monday, June 15, 2009

Singh is the King 4

The initial response from Kapil Sibal is encouraging. But will he or anyoneelse take full responsibility, go ahead, reveal the truth and help the country's justice system punish the guilty. It is a great opportunity for the Singh's ministry to control the alliance parties' arm twisting for ministerial berths. Jagath, must be removed unceremoniously and the people of the country will be with 'Singh the King'
The above is a part of the article I wrote 12 days ago at this site. In the last 10 days, there is no word on the press further about this episode. My fear that the justice may not be served for reasons well known are getting stronger by the day. If Dr.Jagathrakshakan stays in the ministry it is like slap on the face of crores of Indians who trusted Dr.Manmohan Singh and voted for him. Kapil Sibal's initial utterings were very encouraging. What is happening now? Who is probing the issue? Besides all these why Jagath has not been told to leave yet?
Is the political bargaining going on? Is the cover up in full swing? Where is Jagath? In Delhi or Chennai? If he were in Chennai, he must be there for a good reason. The most predictable for me is that the people in the video do not exist at all. If they do, they have nothing to do with either Balaji or Ramachandra. And the case will be closed soon. If that happens every law abiding citizen in India must put down his head in shame and cry for himself. A law abiding ordinary citizen will loose faith in democracy and the true spirit of the Indian Constitution and the Indian Judiciary. It is now time for every one with decency act and demand Dr.Jagathrakshakan's immediate resignation from the ministry and the post of the Member of Parliament.

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