Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who are the criminals?

Saeed, Tariq and Abu Baqr were arrested for raping young girls and video shooting and selling these acts. There are articles in newspapers, blogs, orkuts etc...etc... Great response. Gentlemen and ladies, your social conscience is very high. Well appreciated. Keep it up. When you do all these, condemning these criminals, what are you doing about those who have bought those videos from them. They may be watching those videos even after those criminals are punished and put in jail.
Who are these people? They are in the garbs of Gentlemen, and Ladies in our midst. Someone's father, someone's mother, husband, wife, son, daughter and so on. They are in our midst, may be within our families and in our neighbourhood. Who will punish them? How to identify them? However their crime is much more heinous in nature, and they deserve more severe punishments than Saeed, Tariq and Abu Baker. If you find them in your midst, hand them over to the police. Can you? Can I? Then all the hype we make about these atrocities makes sense. Otherwise, we are the guilty and each one of us deserve punishment.

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