Friday, June 5, 2009


Last time when I wrote on this topic, Dr.Manmohan Singh was forming his ministry. Karunanidhi and company pushed themselves ahead and got his son and grand nephew in to the ministry. Dr.Singh stated clearly that when we have to run the government we also have to look into it's effectiveness.
The first scam is out. Times of India's investigation has put minister Jagathrakshakan in a spot. Will Dr.Singh be a Rakshakan for Jagathrakshakan or simply the Jagath. We will have to wait and watch.
The initial response from Kapil Sibal is encouraging. But will he or anyoneelse take full responsibility, go ahead, reveal the truth and help the country's justice system punish the guilty.
It is a great opportunity for the Singh's ministry to control the alliance parties' arm twisting for ministerial berths. Jagath, must be removed unceremoniously and the people of the country will be with 'Singh the King'

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