Saturday, August 1, 2009


Many of my colleagues and friends outside Tamilnadu, have been regularly, over conversations asking me "Who is this Azhagiri? What is his background for being a central minister besides the fact that he is one of the sons of one of the wives of Karunanidhi.

Whatever I tried to tell them, they were least convinced. Recently I searched out the article on Karunanidhi in Wikipedia and passed on the following and they were fully convinced about his eligibility to become a minister in the central governement. A portion of the article says that

"Because the Dinakaran Newspaper (run by the Maran brothers) has shown M.K. Stalin of having the possibility to be the next Chief Minister of Tamilnadu which created a bloody violence in the Madurai branch of Dinakaran office (carried out by M.K. Azhagiri), causing the death of three employees".

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