Thursday, September 20, 2012

HISTORY OF INDIA..........Continues

                        HISTORY OF INDIA 2

We were about to become an Independent India. What happened just before that most important time in the Indian and the World history,  we as patriotic Indians must know:

In 1937 Muslim League lost the General Election. Immediately after that they went on a war path against Congress in general and Hindus in particular. This was the beginning of the polarization of Indian populace on religious lines. 

To diffuse the situation to some extent, Gandhiji wisely thought of making Maulana Azad as the President of the Congress party. Maulana Azad did become the President of Congress and continued to remain so efficiently for the next 6 years. Till 1946, due to World War II, Quit India Movement and as most of the Congress members were in prison, the election for the position of President could not take place. And Maulana Azad continued in that position and was discharging his duties till 1946.

Now the world war ended and freedom for India was not too far. And therefore there was a need to elect a President for the Congress party. 12 out of 15 PCC (Provincial Congress Committees) nominated the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It does not mean that the other 3 recommended Jawaharlal Nehru. 

In fact except a few working committee members, no PCC recommended Nehru for that position. In a meeting Gandhi announced the same and asked Nehru "What to do under these circumstances?". Silence was the only answer that he gave. 

Maulana Azad suggested election for the post. But by then Gandhiji had Nehru very strongly in his mind and had been quite transparent about his thought for several years in the past. 

Even by the due date of 29.04.1946, no nomination came in favor of Jawaharlal Nehru. J.B.Kriplani went around in support of Nehru and collected few working committee members to propose his name. By then Gandhiji was indicated clearly that Nehru will take no second place.

Then a great drama was enacted.

It was thought, that the only way is to request Patel to withdraw. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a great leader and a greater patriot. He thought the country must not divide on this issue. For him the country was greater than him becoming the President of Congress party and later the Prime Minister of the country. He sacrificed

In Dr.Rajendra Prasad's words later: 

"Once again sacrificing his trusted lieutenant for the sake of glamorous Nehru"



Raji said...

Story getting interesting. What was the reason behind Gandhiji's support to Nehru. Who asked Patel to withdraw?

P C said...

Those guys Gandhi, Nehru and a few others were "Well Trained" British agents. They were planted as "moles" along with a few other "Trained Agents" in the Indian National Congress.

Why was this done. It was done because the British knew that they had to leave India because of growing descent to their presence in the country. It was well planed and the "Moles" (Like chess board pieces) were placed in strategic positions. When the British left this country, these mole took the places in and outside the government positions as indicated by their British masters and did whatever the British wanted them to do.

Do you think the British would just like that leave this cash cow. This cash cow that they have tamed and made obedient to the masters. This cash cow that can be controlled by just following the "Divide and Rule" policy.

Never.... they are still in control. As long as this form of government / system is in place, they would definitely be in control. There is no way to change the system too, because they have moles all around - political parties and bureaucracy.

So whatever we say and do does not matter. Either fight and perish or follow the policy - "If you cant beat them, Join them"

Rajagopal Suresh said...

I can understand your thoughts and feelings. As far as Gandhiji is concerned I differ with you. It is very important to look at him at that context. We always see him with our understanding of the past in the present context. That is my humble opinion. However I thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wait more to come .......more to know.......

Unknown said...

Why did Gandhi support Nehru?? Do you think history will repeat itself?

Rajagopal Suresh said...

Gandhi supported for several reasons. One of the most important was Sardar was portrayed as anti Muslim. There is no proof for such a belief. Maulana Azad then President of Congress was very critical about Gandhi and Patel while very soft on Nehru! What is happening in Congress now is not new. All these we see in Congress have been happening even before Indian Independence.

Zillion Dreams said...

reading this in new light...eagerly waiting for next..