Thursday, September 13, 2012


I read this comment from a friend of mine from FB
The gap between the rich and poor has grown disproportionately in the last decade. In developed nations for every one person employed , there are five to six unemployed. A recent report on Bloomberg stated that India has 900million people that are poor and go to bed hungry at night. 
There are many of us reading this , who are in positions of responsibility in the private sector, in the government . Can we utilize our positions to inspire change?
(For e.g. Can we better food storage facilities in India, so surplus crops do not go waste but can be stored for the future. Fuel costs are rising- can we work at promoting solar in a big way? What is the solution?
 My response to this message:
The way things are going, it is bound to touch the bottom of the pyramid, in say about 10 - 12 years and then living for the rich in India will become very difficult. As I see the trend, the crime rates will reach a break even point and then it will not increase, it will multiply. Burglary, road side robbery and murders will become dime a dozen.

Today the true up keepers of morality in India are not the rich and the intellectuals. They are actually the poor and the less literate. However they are loosing their patience. You can witness it all around you.

The expressions are bouncing at random haphazardly, and soon they will become more frequent, better organized, and finally uncontrollable. The children who are born today and in the last 5-10 years in those poor families are undergoing the suffering right from birth. And the environment in which they are born are different from the environment in which their parents were born. Therefore there is a paradigm shift in their outlooks and values. When they grow and to be of 20 + years old, the moneyed lot had it.
This is one side of the story. The other side I want to discuss as they are closely related are 
  • The Political leaders and their governance, 
  • The intellectuals and the so called 
  • The Media
After Lal Bahadur Shastri's tenure the down trend started and has reached a peak under the able leadership of our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress President Sonia Gandhi. None of us at our young age could ever imagine such low levels of values in political arena, and  absolutely an erring system of Governance, within our life time. I predict that not more than in 10 years time National Congress Party will become a symbol of the past. As Winston Churchill predicted, we are today ruled by our own leaders who do not worth the respect, we might pay to a beggar on the roadside. 
Let us come to the so called intellectuals. They are either lost on their own imaginations and hypotheses or have become the boot lickers of the politicians. There are few more who suffer seeing the happenings in the country and have become dumb out of shock and sickening occurrences around them. Very few are still active trying to change the country. But the number is too less to even be noted and remembered. 
While the Media has played a very crucial role, the question is in my mind is that 'How much have the contributed to the end result? and does their approach cover  the entire spectrum of events and the entire population of the country? However many a times, their focus on business outcomes mars their consistency and thus the quality. 
Wish to continue writing on this.........

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