Saturday, September 22, 2012

Money Does not grow on Trees. It comes from our Taxes.

Money does not grow on Trees

For the last two days, I was quite anxious. May be most of you too, to listen to the Prime Minister addressing the public. I thought finally we have a chance to listen to a scholar, an economist, a man who made so much difference to the country by his economic policies, as a finance minister in P.V.Narasimharao's Ministry. So all our expectations were well founded.We were ready to listen to his version of the rationale in the recent policies of the Government particularly with regards to price rice of Diesel and a sudden decision, as it appeared to open the flood gates of FDI

First of all I am of the opinion, that the address that he read out was not well researched and not written by some one who has high sensitivity to the tax paying public. Why do I say so? At one point in time the Prime Minister chided the tax paying public "Money does not grow on trees". This according to me is the most frivolous utterances our Prime Minister could make at this point in time. Scam after scam, non stop price escalation of essential commodities, added to the poor governance, these are actually the words of the tax paying aam admi. 

Our dear Prime Minister, money does not grow on trees. It comes from our hard work and the taxes that we pay. Therefore, please be careful with our money. Your ministers and bureaucrats have no business to squander our money in scams and in return offer us a poor governance. You have said frivolously to us, what we must have told you with a snub for your frivolity and sob at our foolhardiness in electing you and your ministers. 

Wah! Manmohanji! I wish an early end to your government, 
because we pay tax, and you people think that 'money grows on trees'.

Do they in Cell Phones, International Games, Coal Mines.....and how do I know what next!

You compared your present decision to the decisions taken in 1991 as a finance minister when Rao was the P.M. There is no comparison Mr.P.M. In 1991 there was no SoniaG, 2G, CWG, CG and may be more to come soon!
When last time there was an escalation in Petrol price, we were told that the diesel price is not increased because it is used by aam admi. While Petrol is used to drive vehicles of the rich. But this time you said, petrol price is not increased because it is used by scooterists, that is aam admi. And diesel is used by rich men with SUVs. OMG! The use of diesel by SUVs in India, if my information goes right is about 0.6% of the total Diesel usage. It is most used by the agriculturist, in public transport systems, and in shipping commodities across the country.

I did not believe when my great grand mother, about 45 years ago, told me these words: "We are in Kaliyug. Things will go from bad to worse. A true Patni will not hesitate to sell herself for money. The intelligentsia of this world will become a bundle of lies. The people whom you respect and give honor will behave in a cheap and condemnable manner". As an youngster those times, I thought it was just a brag. When this day I hear the utterances of well educated men and women like you, I am compelled to believe her predictions and the concept of Kaliyug.  

Manmohanji. I always had a benefit of doubt when it came to you. I always considered you a knowledgeable and honest man in the middle of political mavericks. Now  I am afraid the doubt is gone and I have come to believe that you are no different from all those scam tainted men and women around you. May God bless you and this country!


P C said...

Who said MM Singh is straight forward. He is definitely not so and he intentionally fed / feeds misinformation to general public and plays on their sentiments.

It is evident in one part of his speech yesterday. The Prime Minister's words, that Diesel Cars are the largest consumers of Diesel, is absolute false and misleading. Diesel cars & SUVs would hardly consume a small portion compared to what the other commercial transport vehicles consume.

He also goes on to say that only the rich only go around in a car. Well Mr. MM Singh, if that is the case, then please admit that the economic REFORMS HAVE FAILED.

Please admit it STRAIGHTLY MM Singh, your reforms were a failure and so are you. If it were a success, more and more middle class people would be driving around in cars. If it were a success, more and more poor people would have become middle class. As far as I know, this is exactly happened in the last two decades, however you yourselves claim that it is not so.

Another point to be noted by MM Singh is that more and more diesel cars are purchased by poor people who use it as taxis to earn their livelihood. The better taxi rates they are able to offer to their clients is because of the fact that they run on diesel. The maximum number of diesel cars that are being used are either by poor cab drivers or cab companies.

Please note this point MMS that you are already charging a higher tax and duty on Diesel cars and SVUs as compared to Petrol Cars. In the small vehicle category, the difference in capital cost is about 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs when compared to the price of a petrol car.

Rajagopal Suresh said...

You have a very valid point PC. That is why I said, we thought you are an honest man in the midst of corrupt politicians. Thank God. Last night you have shown your real self to the large Indian public.