Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you think that Shri.Narendra Modi will be our next Prime Minister?

When we rise this question, due to the fact that many young men and women across the country are raising their voices every day in various media and expressing their wish to see Modi as the next Prime Minister of India, I have few other questions in my mind to have clarity on this subject and to anticipate the events in future. 

The first and foremost question is that "Does Modi want to leave Gujarat and go back to Delhi, from where he came to occupy the present seat?

Secondly when Mr.Modi has set certain standards of Governance in Gujarat and is eager to see that Gujarat is the most progressive model in the country, is their any other person in BJP fold and in Gujarat who can take his mantle and maintain the same standard and ensure further progress?

Thirdly, but most importantly "Do the most influential leaders in BJP and other allied parties too want Modi to be next Prime Minister if NDA wins the next elections? Will they support Modi's candidature without any bargain?

Your thoughts through your comments will certainly help me to bring in more clarity to my thoughts and move forward in writing the blog.

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